Saturday, August 1, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter Hurts White People's Feelings - 'Black Lives Matter' movement isn't inclusive

History has it that the most neglected, insulted and rejected folks are those who are trying to live or exist on self pity or under the mercy of fellow men, each time I come across this hashtag known as "Blacklivesmatter'' I get more vexed, more angered , more disturbed to my bone marrow, oh, black lives matter ?, that is tantamount to saying to the rest of the world that blacks are also humans, look at me, I'm human being too, does black people suppose to live on the mercy of fellow men even in 21st century ? it's my personal opinion that all lives matters, whether black, white or cream, and if anyone found on wanting to undermine this reality should made to face the repercussion. "All lives matters and no exception". ...........
During a panel discussion on CNN's 'State of the Union,' Ken Cuccinelli and SE Cupp told Bakari Sellers that the 'Black Lives Matter' movement isn't inclusive.
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  • Fubara David-West Okwudili A. Chuks, you have not lived in the shoes of African-Americans. You cannot understand what we have here, unless you think outside the box of the historical, social, political, cultural and economic contexts that are familiar to you. 
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  • The fact that African-Americans are so easily shot dead, by the police across the United States, for instance, cannot be fully understood, unless one accounts for those contexts. 
  • In 2015, you see these stories about African-American victims, of the use of deadly force by the police, and you think that a campaign, which says "black lives matter" is offensive. That is just like saying that such a campaign would offend your sensibilities, if you were living in the South, when African-Americans were often lynched. 
  • The "Black Lives Matter" campaign merely reminds people, of that enduring theme from the Declaration of Independence: "All men are created equal." The great African-American, Frederick Douglas had to demonstrate the meaning of that statement, by the content of his character. The Reverend Martin Luther King, Junior had a dream based on the same theme.
  • Fubara David-West
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