Over and over we watched Ford, GM and Chrysler come out with these cool concept cars at the auto show that brothas and sistas loved but then come out and release some basic watered-down nonsense. In 2015, the technology and the capability is there for brothas and sistas to actually build our own car line and put out the kind of cars we like and do it our way. In this article, we are going to talk about a 3-5 plan to stop buying watered-down crap from Ford, GM and Chrysler and we start building the kind of cars we brothas and sistas really like and create our own urban industry.

Detroit Keep BSing on the Concept Cars Black People Like

I don't like American cars because they always come out generic or if American car companies do come out with something cool, they cancel it later or make it a weak joke. Let's talk about some of these cars.


Ciel Convertible. GM showed this concept and brothas and sistas were all on Facebook passing this concept around talking about how cool it was. Then GM cancelled this concept and project altogether not even caring to even make a limited run of 100 just to bring to market. GM is simply too big to be cool and build generic mass market stuff too much and we realizing this is a problem with getting the kind of cars we brothas and sistas really like.


Chrysler 300. When this car designed by Ralph Gilles came out as a concept it was bolder than what you see. That's because Ralph Gilles boss decided to water down the look of the car and made it basic. You saw cats put aftermarket parts real quick on this car. But the back seat had zero comfort, felt like you riding in the back of a Mercedes CLS.


Lincoln MKZ. This car had to be the most disappointing because it had so much potential with the good looks. I remember going to the Lincoln dealer because I don't even do American cars but this MKZ one interest me. Found out this car is a V6 front-wheel drive and got the hell out of that car as quick as I can. This car was made generic and they even had a 4-cylinder version of this car! Damn!

So as you see, we keep seeing nice concept cars that had so much potential but the cornballs at these Detroit auto manufacturers keep coming out with bland crap that take no risk or bold looks and designed only for mass production and appealing to the mass and stuff like that. Brothas and sistas want cars that make a statement and cool as hell so when the kids see your car driving down the road they can scream "that's my car!" and when I was a kid when these lame American cars drove by, kids be point their finger at me saying "that's your car!" and I'm sad looking at the Chrysler Lebaron driving by – that's not my car and that will never be my car!

Brothas and Sistas Can Now Build Our Own Urban Vehicles.

Back in the day, if we talked about building a car, people would say it is not easy but today, it is kinda straightforward. In fact, today it has never been easier to build a car because we can use circular economics and a shared platform. What we can do is build cars on the electric platform and then build out the body the way we want to with the features we like.

Look, brothas and sistas are not into speeding and drag racing like other cats, we are interested in making a statement with our cars and customize our cars for features. So let's talk about the components we can put into our own car if we do one today.


Electric Vehicle Platform. These are "open source" platforms for an electric vehicle that cost around $15k for the platform and have a range of 150 miles. The average cat in the city does not drive this many miles so this is perfect for urban markets.

Sculpted Body Frame. We can use 3D printing or sheet metal stamping to create the unique look. With the body, a steel frame cage will need to be created to protect the occupants with airbags but the outer part, we can be creative and wild as we want it to be.

LCD dashboard and digital buttons. There is no longer a need for mechanical gears or analog dashboards. We can install flat panel monitors that are cheaper to show the instrument panel and use buttons and switchers to control the functions.


You know the cool part? We get the EV platform and put any kind of body on top for our style. When we get tired or want a new look, no need to buy a new car..put a new body on top on our existing EV platform. Or we can get a new LCD dashboard or new interior decorated and we brothas and sistas never again focus on new car payments and keep the same car for generations. All we have to do is just change the suspension and brakes and pop in a new battery or an electric motor unit when that time come up. This is pure circular economics at play and the cat running the show can lease the platform and return it and put something new and lease the platform out again with a new body!

How to Get Started!


Engage Designers. We have a lot of urban kids and hip college students who know how to draw concept cars. And there are a lot of concept cars that were cool as hell but never made it to market. What we need to do is be bold and let these kids get creative with their art and draw inspiration from previous concepts and create the coolest ass cars with no restrictions and bold! Let's run design contests or have a Facebook page dedicated to drawings and renderings and let's decide what is the coolest car and features for brothas and sistas in the urban city.

Setup Prototype Crowdfunding. Once we narrow down some cool concept designs, the designers want to make clay models and tour them around to do a crowdfunding campaign. They go city to city from Atlanta to Miami to New York and Los Angeles and Chicago and help raise crowdfunding to build a working prototype. The funds will be used to create a working prototype that can be displayed at the Detroit Auto Show or the New York Auto Show.

Take Preorders. When people are wowed at the auto show with the cool new EV concepts, then real pre-orders are taken. Just like the hypercars, we only create 100 limited edition runs on the EV platform and to be realistic, we are looking at 30K to 50K per car so the cars have to be big on interior and afro-futuristic technology. And don't be surprised if cats from China and the UAE start dropping in on those pre-orders.

Build to Spec. At this point, a factory has to be created to build the car and design it out. I'm pretty sure at this stage, major investment will pour in at this time seeing there is a real demand for urban-based EV vehicles that brothas and sistas want to customize.

Roll Then Out. Once the car is complete, we deliver these cars or bring the customer to a showroom. YouTube the rollout experience and let cats turn it on. Cats will be at the club and other spots rolling down the strip in their new personalized EV car while other cats still driving gas guzzling Dodge Challengers and stuff.

Focus on Style!


Look, if Bugatti and other automakers is not going to go with the concepts that cats are digging, then let brothas and sistas step in and swaggerjack to meet the demand for that kind of car. One thing someone stupid is going to say is EV cars do not have performance – yeah, that's a person who does not have any STEM knowledge. EV cars are faster than gas and can accelerate faster than gas-powered vehicles, that is why new million dollar plus cars like the LaFerrari and Agera One are using electric for their acceleration. But let's look at some cool concepts that we can layer over an EV platform and let cats roll around the inner city.






If major automakers are scared to come out with bold looks, then we brothas and sistas can do it and make limited runs in each urban city. I truly believe we African-Americans who are major car buyers can pull this off. We get our own designers, we plan 3-5 years out to make our next car an urban EV platform and spend money on brothas and sistas who can build these cars out in our own communities. We can source the platform from other countries and we can build the body kit and interior using the funky and ultra-luxe design with the best technology on the market. This is what we brothas and sistas love and this is what we want and this help us have vehicles that can be long-term affordable and recyclable and pass down to future generations and don't have to pay for gas again. Let's take this serious and hope someone out there is willing to get the ball rolling. And one more thing, Africa and Latin America would be big markets for the brotha or sista that smart enough to run with this.