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Chick-Fil-A hating Chicago alderman now attacking proposed car dealership - Herman Cain

   September 10, 2013
Chick-Fil-A hating Chicago alderman now attacking proposed car dealership
Published by: Herman Cain

Politics over prosperity, always.
Remember last year when Chick-Fil-A wanted to build a new restaurant in Chicago? Chick-Fil-A serves delicious chicken sandwiches and is a good, job-creating corporate citizen, but the proposal did not sit well with Chicago Alderman Proco "Joe" Moreno. Because Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy is a Christian who opposes gay marriage - consistent with his Christian faith - Moreno went to war against the proposal and Chick-Fil-A decided it wasn't worth the trouble to build in Chicago.
Today the property where Chick-Fil-A proposed to build sits vacant, weeds growing and a dilapidated chain link fence surrounding it. No one is working there. No one is eating there. But Alderman Moreno succeeded at preventing the opening of a business whose owner does not support the prevailing orthodoxy on homosexuality. There's a victory for politics over prosperity if I've ever seen one.
Well, the people of the 1st Ward in Chicago will be happy to know that Alderman Moreno remains committed to this cause.Crain's Chicago Business reports Moreno is now going after a company that wants to open a Ford dealership in the city. The $57 million proposed development would employ 200 people and would put 17 acres of currently vacant land on the tax rolls. So what's Moreno's problem with that? He is upset because he thinks Chicago needs a Latino-owned car dealership. Fox Motors, which is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is owned by the DeVos family that is associated with Amway Corporation and with Republican politics.
Somewhere in Chicago there are 200 people who could use jobs, and if Moreno has his way they won't find any with Fox Motors. They won't be taking their lunch break at Chick-Fil-A, either. Prosperity suffers another blow, but politics triumphs. The people of the 1st Ward must be proud of their representation on the City Council.
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