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How to launch your media platform (30 day free trial)

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    Michael Hyatt provides a 30 day FREE trial to his Platform University. This univerisity can give you the tools to create or expand your media outlet. In the re-branding of the Imani Foundation's e-group into a distribution system named Imani*is*my*Foundation we have considered his counsel. Here is the link:

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Top Strategies for Boss-Level Brothas to Deal with Ignorant Lightweight Brothas

Our people, our culture, our children, our future relies on the strength and power of the strong Black man to provide and protect the establishment. The role of the Black man in the African Diaspora is to accumulate resources and power to take care of his family and contribute to the greater good of his tribe for generations to come. Any Black man who is about anything other than obtaining the resources and power for his family and his people is worthless and just breathing air.
The real brothas about something are working hard to rebuild global power and resources throughout the African Diaspora so we can take care and protect our own and not let what happened to us as a people happen again. From Africa to America to Europe and Latin America, we brothas are learning, building, collaborating and establishing empires and planning a better life for the next generation to have better than what we have right now in our lifetime.
As you brothas progress in your goal to be independent, be a boss and establish an empire for you and your family to have generational wealth and create a legacy of contribution to your people, you will notice a large group of Black men out there who are worthless and marginalized trying to bring you down any kind of way. As a boss, you are going to have to learn how to deal with these worthless ass ninjas and make sure you stay on path to do for our people.
These are the brothas who didn't hustle, but wonder why they ain't got shit. These are the brothas who grew up disrespecting sistas but wonder why they ain't got a half-black, half-latino big booty sista to sleep next to and spoon every night. But most important, these are the same worthless brothas who mocked other brothas back in the day for wanting to do better and now they mad seeing the hard working brothas buying Mercedes and Porsche while their sorry worthless ass at the EZ credit dealer looking at a 2001 Chevy Lumina to drive off the lot.
These brothas hate looking at you being at the boss-level because they knew they could have hustled just as hard as you. They gave up on themselves when you didn't give up and they didn't believed God will see them through when you knew God already had it planned for you to succeed. These same worthless brothas didn't showed his sista the same appreciation and love the Black woman was giving to him wanting to see him do good. So today, this worthless marginalized brotha got nothing but to look at his pathetic life in the mirror and come to grips that he is nothing but a f*cking marginalized failure to his family, his people and to himself. The worthless brothas come in all ages from cats in their young 20s all the way to cats in their 50s and 60s who are not has-beens but actually never was anything all their lives.
These worthless brothas are now swearing at your swag, hating hard on your hustle, feeling sick when they see your chick and getting mad trying to count your money and trying to figure you out. They on the Internet acting anonymous trying to hate on you, they around their loser friends trying to hate on you and discount you and your accomplishments and they get mad whenever they have a moment to themselves and cannot help but picture you enjoying your success and your accomplishments that you worked hard to obtain. And these worthless brothas want to sabotage you and your boss game and they want to go personal with it.
So how do a boss-level brotha who know his role as a Black man in the African Diaspora Kingdom deal with these lightweight marginalized brothas trying to take him down? We are going to be straight up real talk and tell you boss-level brothas exactly how to keep doing what you doing and don't let anybody stop you and deal with these cats.
Be Trained and Prepared to Kill Them
Dream and Hustle recommends a Kriss Vector and a Glock 21 combination loadout to share the same .45 ACP magazine for both close quarter and short range gun play to dispatch these lightweight motherf*ckers if they come at you. The Kriss Vector has little recoil and you can easily follow up with additional shots at the same target and this is actually more beneficial and efficient than having a submachine gun if you got to deal with more than one of those characters. The Glock 21 can lay down an impressive level of firepower but the .45 ACP caliber requires some time at the practice range to control your shots and follow up groupings.
See, these lightweight cats think having a crazy hair style and a mean mug on their face supposed to mean something but you make sure you have specialized firearm and defensive/offensive training and become a real warrior who can defend your family and territory and protect your interest at all times. Also have a good knife on you that can go straight through their neck and bleed their ass out like a goat getting ready to be eaten by Africans and ish. Don't sit around here letting cats sell you wolf tickets about they belong to some street organization or they thugs and crap like that – you train and prepare yourself to go to war and you better war real hard against anybody who stupid enough to step to another Black man and think they can just hate and harm without any repercussions.
In fact, as a boss in the game, you need to have your own clique that you can call on to help you handle your business in any situation. The same way these White survivalist preppers standardized .223 on the AR-15 so they can share ammo and magazines, you standardized for urban warfare on the .45 ACP with your clique. While paramilitary and forming a militia training is illegal, it is not illegal to train on defensive measures and secure each other back to eliminate threats. Make sure you and your clique got these skills down. The one thing a boss has to eliminate immediately is this assumption of fear of some worthless Black loser who think thuggery make them tougher than you – you better be trained to kill their ass and kill them hard to make an example out of them too.
You got a family and nation to protect, weak cats better go somewhere with that anti-gun rhetoric that Al Sharpton and these pansy ass people be talking about. Bosses have to go to war and you better be ready and prepared for war if that what cats want to bring and you better develop the expertise to transition anybody horizontal to be permanently vertical thinking you an easy target for them to go after.
Keep Your Hustle Hidden From Them
Don't include lightweight worthless Black men in your business model or have any exposure to them. Don't run a hip-hop club, don't have some damn rap music studio, don't run a blog like Dr. Boyce Watkins either attracting these loser ass dudes and definitely don't run an urban butt model operation either. They ain't got any money and they going to hate seeing another brotha make his money off them.
The funniest thing to me is when I work on events for people that are non-entertainment and a lot of African-Americans show up, there is always this one person who has a certain comment. See, you working hard to build up a huge crowd through marketing and promotion and when you got all those brothas and sistas in a room, that one dude always step up and then talk about how if he can just get $5 from each of them, they can build Black businesses in the community and ish like that. Dude ain't done a damn thing to help you build up the audience but want $5 from each of them and ish.
I say that to say that the worthless brothas ain't got nothing to do business with or conduct any kind of transactions with you to put food on your table. I know barbers who tell me they cut cats hair and cats be making up excuses about they got to go to the ATM and don't show up until two weeks later talking about they got the money they didn't pay last time. Then you got barbers selling drugs and other side hustles out of your barbershop you own that you took out a loan to build up. That's the kind of crap you dealing with doing business with worthless brothas.
As a boss, you deal with only quality clients who can make quality deals and put their money where their mouth is when it comes to making a financial transaction. You keep your business away from cats who ain't got nothing except a commentary about how they think you should give back to the Black community when their worthless ass have zero to contribute to the Black community and they counting your money instead.
Don't Ever Associate or Hang Around Them
This is where the dumb athletes like Michael Vick messed up, hanging out with cats doing dogfighting while he got a $100 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons. Now, let's keep it real talk – if you doing dirt and your boy got a $100 million contract with the NFL, would you still let him do dirt? No, you a real brotha and you would have dragged his ass out of the dirt and told him to be clean but when you got worthless brothas, they will keep someone in that dirt and then snitch on him as a high profile target to shave some time off their sentence if they get caught.
When you a boss-level, you don't associate with lightweights and you are at a new level of the game where you better get used to being lonely and is purpose-driven to do for you, your family and your people. You have a nice side chick (preferably Asian or Boule sista) who can be your partner in crime and she will treat you right if you know how to train her and she will help you to keep the wife clueless. But you don't go back to the block, you don't act like you still give a damn what the worthless brothas been up to because you already know they still doing the same old ish just on a different day. You leave these worthless brothas you grew up with alone and put them in the past, your past that you left behind to be the boss you are right now.
A lot of cats like to recruit/hire "goons" from the street like that adequate defense and protection from cats with Kriss Vectors and Glock 21s. You as a boss don't even mess with these goons because we already know these worthless cats will straight snitch to their parole officer trying to entrap a boss-level cat to the feds as a high profile catch to move up in the Justice Dept and FBI. Instead, focus on associating with cats who are skilled at what they do and if they have the standardized .45 loadout which is the requirement for brothas in urban Americans, they that is good enough. But don't hang out with goons who trying to look tough but can't carry a firearm because they are a felon.
Stay away from all forms of worthless people when you are at a boss-level. Being a boss means you have to associate only with the mission that you set out to do to make yourself better and everybody around you better.
In Summary
As a boss, you have to run the game your way and do not let these lightweight brothas ever think they have anything over you. They want to act tough to you, train to kill them and also in a way to send a message that you ain't to be messed with. Don't have lightweights around your hustle because they will find ways to see how to take you down for them to come up. These worthless brothas have no problem taking down an operation that benefit the entire African Diaspora so they can brag to one of their lightweight friends they stole $5,000 from the operation.
And don't associate with these worthless brothas and leave that "keep it real" crap out of your mind and focus on moving forward as a boss that got to get what's yours for you and your family and contribute to the greater good of your people.
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