Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The LinkedIn Game for Job Seekers

Good day to you,
You may have seen Dr. Dawn Boyer's article on LinkedIn.  She listed the seven First-Time user mistakes many of us make. has also sent the article out on its net.  The key point both Dr. Boyer and the folks at want readers to know is that "recruiters are just as discriminating when reviewing LinkedIn profiles as they are when they review resumes."   The truth of the matter is it is not just "first time users" that make these mistakes.  A lesson here for many of us.  The seven mistakes are summarized below:
1.       Typing the full name and initials in a combination of upper and lower case.  This may be your first contact.
2.       Failing to check one's LinkedIn account at least weekly for messages.  Do you know where your in-box is?
3.       Never revising one's profile.  Check out what is "behind" each tab, learn to use to advantage.
4.       Not recognizing the value of LinkedIn as a data-mining tool for anyone.  Excellent research tool for the job seeker.
5.       Not completing one's profile.  We are told more and more to update with some regularity.  What has changed in your career that makes you more attractive to recruiters or business associates?
6.       Identifying only a few, if any, of one's skill sets.  These should be those you use, used or have but are not expert in.  How about 50.  That is what is allowed.
7.       Participating in the many interest groups offered.  Again, the limit is 50, but pick those that will provide the information needed.  Same for providing information.
Bottom line to all of this is to recognize that:
                How you're perceived
                depends on what's received.
Now I need to go practice what I'm preaching here.
Make it a good month.
Jim Ditt
My granddaughter reached for my hand and forever holds my heart.   … unknown – but so true!
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