Saturday, September 7, 2013

Obatala Celebration September 21, 2013 Hampton Virginia

From: Ile Nago
Subject: Obatala Celebration

2013 Obatala Celebration

Obatala is the Spirit of Creativity in the West African religious tradition called Ifa/Orisha. In Yoruba Theology he is called offspring of Olodumare, in the sense that he is derived directly from him, and Olodumare's attributes are revealed through him. Obatala was commissioned the creator of the physical part of humans, as well as the creation of the earth and it's arrangements.  Obatala was also assigned the task of bringing Morality into the world.  He represents purity, patience, peace, clarity, humility, respect for self and others, especially elders. As the spirit of balance and equality, Obatala reminds us that we all have taboos, natural laws that we must follow to keep balance in our lives.

Join us as we give praise and pay homage to Obatala. Join us as we pray for love, joy, peace and happiness to be present in our lives.

Free and Community Welcomed

September 21, 2013 at 2:00pm
Ile Nago, 2108 Shell Rd, Hampton, VA
Please call 757-723-0891 for more information

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